About Albsig JSC

ALBSIG INVEST JSC was founded in 2019 and it operates as a Managing Company of Pension Funds and Collective Investment Funds. Albsig Invest manages the Albsig Voluntary Pension Fund and the Albsig Standard Investment Fund.

PENSION FUNDS The Albsig Voluntary Pension Fund is an alternative to adding income to the guaranteed state pension-where as a result of increasing life expectancy, it does not provide sufficient income to a large part of the population during the retirement age.

The professional plan is opened by an employer where the employer and the employee contribute together to the account opened for the employee.
The individual plan is opened by an individual where she/he contributes to the desired extent.

ALBSIG STANDARD Investment Fund is a collective investment undertaking with an open public offering, established for an indefinite period, licensed in the Republic of Albania by the Financial Supervisory Authority.

Albsig JSC is ranked from the Insurance Regulator as the 2nd Largest Company operating in the Non-Life Insurance Products in Albania and 1st for Automotive Casco Insurance Products.


Rr. “Barrikadave”, Kutia Postare, 1001 – Tirana, Albania