Mission, Vission

The Albanian business partner of choice for more than 3 Decades

Kastrati Group is an Albanian privately-owned group of companies established in 1991 that serves in over 7 main industries, operating in Albania and the Balkan region and employing over 3’500 people. Mainly recognized as the leading Albanian retail and wholesale trader of hydrocarbon products, Kastrati successfully operates in other industries such as: insurance, construction and real estate development, infrastructure development, tourism and hospitality, automotive distribution, retail, etc. Kastrati Group has established its reputation as a reliable business partner by committing to deliver premium-quality products and services, bringing innovation, creating value for all stakeholders and giving back to the communities it operates in.


Delivering premium-quality products and services
to the benefit of all stakeholders and supporting
long term economic growth, social stability &
progress in the many industries and regions
we operate.


Becoming a leader in every industry we operate and
a reliable business partner recognized for excellent
performance and significant contribution to the

Our Values


We are accountable and we strive to maintain the highest standards of integrity in all of our endeavors. We deal with partners, employees and other stakeholders in an honest fashion.


We balance the application of new technologies and innovative concepts with prudent risk management to offer excellent products and services.


We pride ourselves on our creativity and business savvy attitude. We evaluate new opportunities to diversify our investment portfolio and transform them into flourishing businesses.


We are committed to ethical business practices. We focus on safety and protection of the environment and the safety of our people. To us, it is crucial to give back to the communities we operate in.